• Mathew Crawford Mathew Crawford is an Education Engineer, textbook author, and CEO of MIST Academy, a school for gifted students in Birmingham, Alabama.
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    I just posted the first blog post at the Reengineering Education blog.

    We just added a 2012 AMC 10 B Solution Guide to the growing list of AMC contest resources at Gliya.

    I spent all of yesterday writing up a 2012 AMC 10 A Solution Guide, and I’ll hopefully complete a 2012 AMC 12 A Solution Guide this evening, though I have class and potentially a basketball game to attend tonight.  If time permits, I plan to make this a regular writing effort.  Most of the solutions can be sorted into our other lesson documents.

    I’m debating whether or not to do the same with each new MATHCOUNTS, AIME, and AMC 8 exam.  These exams have solution guides, but they usually aren’t written in a way that captures the mind of the broadest audience, and that’s my goal.

    I just finished uploading the first batch of Gliya curriculum to a forum post.  We’ll eventually make nice webpages to guide students through the curriculum, but for now this is over 100 pages of free curriculum that students worldwide can use to learn from.

    In particular, much of this curriculum should be helpful to students studying for the AMC 8 exam and MATHCOUNTS.  It does not include the harder concepts and problems tested at state or national MATHCOUNTS, but it should be accessible to a wide swath of students — both contest problem solvers and otherwise.

    This curriculum is currently in what I would call “semi-polished” form.  That’s fine with us because it’s best to be practical and help students learn now than to be perfectionist and wait months or years until its in its highest quality form.

    We’ll gradually release thousands of pages of curriculum at many levels over the next year or two, and continue to polish our work, adding additional features to the site along the way.

    It’s been a while since I blogged.  I’ve been busy developing a new company, Gliya, devoted to creating free educational resources for students worldwide.  We are starting with mathematics (as is my primary interest as an educator), but we plan to spread out to additional subject matter when we’re ready.

    The current incarnation of the Gliya website will be short-lived.  It will evolve with some new resources over the next few months, but will change into something radically different next year.  Our goal is to leverage internet technology in targeted ways to make education easier to achieve, more enjoyable, and more accessible to students worldwide.

    Our first free resource is the Gliya Network forums where I (and others) will be helping math students not only at MIST Academy, but others who join the forums as well.  Elementary, middle, and high school students are welcome to join as well as all others curious about elementary mathematics or math competitions.  We encourage parents to join as well.  See you there.

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